Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rose McGowan's latest Grindhouse, to be split in two?!

Ok so I understand that the movie didn't do as well as the execs over at Miramax expected but I ask two questions:

How much money can an over the top, purposefully bad horror movie make?

Why would they release this flick on EASTER?

I can only imagine they thought the over hyped film would work against the family movie outings that weekend and pull it's audience regardless. Ok, sure I might buy that idea... but you still have to convince people to see a 3 hour schlock horror movie.

I know, it's bad on purpose. But most people don't seem to get that. I talked to folks that thought the 'bad film' scratches and effects were overdone and distracting and others just didn't seem to get the concept at all.

Now, to completely destroy the concept Miramax is considering that the film be cut into. They imagine that by seperating 'Death Proof' from 'Planet Terror' they will do better at the box office.

This will worsen the situation in my opinion - the strength of 'Grindhouse' is it's gimic... 2 movies, from 2 popular directors... split them up and it's 2 bad movies from good directors. It kills the whole idea so I wonder what they'll do when that doesn't work.

They should have released these movies AFTER Easter... Grandma doesn't want to watch Zombies after church on Easter sunday... she wants to watch Meet the Robinsons or Ice Cube falling off ladders.

My suggestion? Rose McGowan. Get her out there and in some more scandals. She already stole Robert Rodriguez from his long time wife and producer... meh onto the pics:

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