Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lena Headey and the Mighty 300 (on the IMAX)

300 was 300lbs of awesome. This was the mother of all popcorn movies and they didn't know it at the time, but they were making the IMAX technology FOR THIS MOVIE.

To have a larger-than-life Gerard Butler scream 'This is Sparta!' in your face or to see a 3 story tall, moonlight drenched and naked Lena Headey... well let's say that the $15 ticket was well worth it.

If you don't see this movie on IMAX you are missing out on an immersive, visceral experience that no other movie has been able to deliver thus far. I wonder if Sin City should have gotten the IMAX treatment?

Yes the movie steals some beats from Gladiator and yes it's WAY over the top but none of that subtracts form the experience... in my opinion it only adds to it. Every actor completely sells the ridiculousness of the film. There are long takes of Gerard taking out 10, 15 enemies all by himself... it's beyond cool and my geek-panties needed to be changed!
Now, when I had first heard that Lena Headly was choosen to play Sarah Conner in the upcoming Terminator TV Series.

(Yes they are making a Terminator TV series. No I'm not joking.)

I was more than put off at the idea but now, after seeing three hundred I think she'd make for a very interesting and badass take on Sarah Conner. There's a scene in 300 where Lena's character tries to plead to the Politicians of Sparta and she fails as a soft-spoken Queen, but moments later she proves without a doubt that she's a full on warrior.

I honestly hope they get a good writing staff on this show and distance it enough style-wise form the movies to give it a good chance.

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