Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh Pictures from Interview Magazine

Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh pose for Interview Magazine. See both of them in the upcoming Noad Baumbach film Margot at the Wedding.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jessica Alba gets it on with Darth Vader in Awake (Trailer)


Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba star in the new thriller Awake. The movie is about Hayden's character finding himself awake, but paralyzed, during heart surgery. According to the trailer, this happens to 1 out of 700 people every year. Fuck that shit, can you imagine? I remember seeing an old Alfred Hitchcock episode where a man was pronounced dead but he was actually just paralyzed and was awake during his own autopsy. That disturbed me for weeks.

It could be a cool flick, but my initial thoughts are that it will tough to draw out that concept for long enough for it not to suck. Alba, as always is hot and should make for good eye candy.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Zoe Bell Cast on Lost Season 4!

Zoe Bell, the stunt woman that played herself in Quentin Taratino's Death Proof. You know, the girl that strapped herself to the hood of the car for that awesome 18 minute long chase sequence. Right, her.

She's just been cast on Lost according to Aint It Cool, and DarkUFO.

To me there's only one reason they'd cast her and it's not her acting. There must be some serious stunt work for her character and having the faith that I have in the writers, I'm sure it will just be awesome. I can't personally wait 'till the season premiere in Feb. '08.

Kiera Knightly Pictures from Allure Magazine (Oct 2007)

Kiera KnightlyKiera KnightlyKiera Knightly

These pics of Kiera are from the Oct 2007 issue of Allure magazine.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Charlize Theron is Esquire's Sexiest Woman of the Year (Nov. 2007)

Charlize Theron in Esquire MagazineCharlize Theron in Esquire MagazineCharlize Theron in Esquire MagazineCharlize Theron in Esquire MagazineCharlize Theron in Esquire MagazineCharlize Theron in Esquire MagazineCharlize Theron in Esquire MagazineCharlize Theron in Esquire MagazineCharlize Theron in Esquire MagazineCharlize Theron in Esquire Magazine

November's issue of Esquire magazine names Charlize Theron as the Sexiest Woman alive. These pics from the magazine and Esquire's website certainly help to prove their claim.

See Charlize in the new flick: In the Valley of Elah
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Rambo is Back! First Official Trailer

This is the first official trailer for Rambo. Sly Stallone is back whooping terrorist ass - coming in Jan '08. I'm hearing that this is playing in front of Saw IV.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Monica Bellucci Goes Blonde in Elle Magazine (Nov 2007)

Monica BellucciMonica BellucciMonica BellucciMonica BellucciMonica Bellucci

These pictures of Monica Bellucci gone Blonde are from the French November 2007 issue of Elle magazine. I usually prefer brunettes to blondes but she's looking really good in these pics.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Movie Review: Into the Wild

Into the Wild
CS Rating: Don't miss - especially if you've ever dreamt of giving it all away and heading off across country

This is a Sean Penn movie and knowing that you know you can count on three things: It's gonna be depressing, there will be cameo's from famous actors and it's gonna be artsy. Given that, I felt this was the most enjoyable and least pretensious of Sean's works. I didn't leave feeling so depressed and let down as I did with The Pledge.

I left this movie surprised and out of all the movies I've seen recently, it really stuck with me. Everyday since I've thought of it. It's haunted me a bit but not in a bad way.

See, I've always had that urge to drop it all, give away my slice of society and drive off into nothing. To renounce it all and head into the wilderness. This kid actually did it. He graduated college and disappeared after giving away his savings. No one knew where he was going aside form the mismatched lost souls he would encounter on his way to Alaska.

I hadn't read the book or even heard the story, hence my surprise at the conclusion which I won't spoil for you. It was heavy and profound but I never once felt like it was the pretensious nonsense I had been expecting.

The cinematography is beautiful to watch, the varied characters (some played by Catherine Keener, Vince Vaughn, Jenna Malone, etc) were wonderful to encounter as I'm sure it was for Christopher as he encountered them in real life and the music by Eddie Vedder fit so well that the whole movie really felt like an experience and an experience I'd not only watch again but bring my friends to. Only time will tell if holds up and if it does this will be a classic movie.

Sean makes some interesting choices and all of it worked for me. One scene even breaks the 4th wall as Emile Hirsch suddenly acknowledges the audience with a haunting omniescence that brings you deeper into Christoper's world and journey.

Hard to believe this kid's journey wasn't taking place in the 1970's but only a little over 10 years ago. Times are different now and I wouldn't expect it to be so easy to take off and lose one self as Christopher does so easily.

For some, maybe reading the book would be a better experience but I've always been a movie guy and this was a satisfying experience for me on all levels.

See Emile Hirsch as Speed in the upcoming Wachowski Brother's version of Speed Racer.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Monica Bellucci Pictures: Rogue Dior

Monica Bellucci Rogue Dior Pictures
Monica Bellucci Rogue Dior PicturesMonica Bellucci Rogue Dior PicturesMonica Bellucci Rogue Dior PicturesMonica Bellucci Rogue Dior PicturesMonica Bellucci Rogue Dior PicturesMonica Bellucci Rogue Dior PicturesMonica Bellucci Rogue Dior PicturesMonica Bellucci Rogue Dior Pictures

Click each image for a larger version. Enjoy these pictured of Monica Bellucci and don't miss her in Shoot 'em Up - although so far I haven't managed to catch it myself.

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New York City: Blade Runner Final Cut in Theaters

Blade Runner: The Final Cut is playing in New York City right now and from the reviews I've been reading it's something not be missed.

See it at:
Clearview Ziegfeld
141 West 54th St, New York, NY 10019

See reviews at here and here.

I'll be posting my own review as soon as I can get over there to the Ziegfeld see it.

The Blade Runner - The Final Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition) set and a huge 5 disc collector's edition both come out Dec 18th 2007.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

HEY YOU GUYS!!! Goonies 2 in the Works (according to Fox News)

Fox news ran a bit of news about Sean Astin confirming that a sequel to the 1985 Richard Donner/Speilburg movie The Goonies was in the works.

It's been a long time and the potential screw up factor here is REALLY high. This could just suck. A potential plot line involves children of the original Goonies going on an adventure of their own.

Corey Feldman was also reported to be involved. Think this will make Corey Haim jealous?

This could be years away considering the looming strike, so in the meantime you can always rock out to Corey Feldman's new album!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cate Blanchett Pictures from W Magazine (Oct 2007)

Cate Blanchett in W MagazineCate Blanchett in W MagazineCate Blanchett in W MagazineCate Blanchett in W Magazine

Today we have Cate Blanchett's pictures from W Magazine. Cate's Elizabeth sequel opens this weekend and see her in the new Indiana Jones movie next summer.

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Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd Trailer Hits

The trailer for Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd film has hit over at Yahoo and it's right in line with Burton's signature style. I personally can't wait. As much as I hated his Planet of the Apes, I have hope that they'll pull this one together well. It'll at least be fun to watch.

Sweeney Todd stars Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Sacha Baron Cohen and more.

Click here to visit the movie's offical site.

See the trailer in HD and Standard versions here!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kristen Dunst Pictures from Lula Magazine

Kristen Dunst Lula MagazineKristen Dunst Lula MagazineKristen Dunst Lula Magazine

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Movie Review: The Kingdom

The Kingdom
CS Rating: Too Pro-American for it's own good

Impressively executed, The Kingdom might suck you in but something just isn't right and it took a few post-movie discussions of the film for me to finally figure out what it was. More on that later.

The movie sets out to shock. We live with real violence thanks to the Television shows that lack the class NOT to show the effects of just how bad it can get when one human being does their worst on another. But after the initial terrorist attack the shock wears off quickly as a group of FBI agents (Jamie Fox, Jenifer Garner, Chris Cooper, etc) show up to turn the movie into CSI: Saudi Arabia.

The FBI investigates and jokes it's way through the 'crime scene', putting the clues together in typical convienient fashion and putting the Saudi's to shame as the movie is set on showing that they just can't investigate a terrorist attack.

The 'America is Awesome' feel gets tiring as the movie is stubborn in it's mission to prove that it's us poor American's that keep getting crapped on by these damn backwards third world civilizations.

The movie starts off with a catch up animation piece showing the timeline of the region and oil conflicts that have led our world to where it is today. This to me meant there would be a message to the film. My friend thought that message was incredibly anti-muslim. I felt that the message wasn't so much anti-muslim as it was just typically pro-american. The overall message was lost on both of us - because I think it had something to do with 'violence begets violence' and the film ended with a both American's and Muslims alike swearing to continue the revenge killing.

The actors could have been cardboard cutouts and as much as Jennifer Garner is beautiful to watch, she had very little to do in most of the film. It was disappointing seeing so many quality actors just phone in their performaces.

Jeremy Piven shows up out of nowhere and whoever casted him should be banned from casting for the rest of time. He comes in like his character from Entourage and completely derails the scenes he's in because he sticks out like a sore thumb. He just has no place in this film.

Despite the flaws, I still had a good time watching it - particularly in the final action sequence which in retrospect feels very tacked-on. Someone somewhere obviously thought the movie needed less message and more terrorist ass kicking.

So onto what really just didn't sit well with me and you may not want to read this as it may be spoilerific: The American's had no sacrifices. Everyone on the team got out alive. No one made any mistakes, no one fucked up in anyway shape or form and yes all the characters live. Not one American died and certainly Piven's character should have been blown up. The movie seems to confidently say "Americans get will get in, kill all the baddies, get the main terrorist and get out within a few days and well, Americans' just rule." Did the writers forget that this country has been incapable of finding any well known terrorist in the past 7 years? Bin Laden anyone?!

Justice League Movie Greenlit: No Wonder Woman for Jessica Biel

A Justice League movie is under way at Warner Brothers. Helmed by Happy Feet's George Miller this could be a huge film. You've got Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and more all on one screen. Too bad it seems to already be off to a bad start.

Jessica Biel has turned down the part of Wonder Woman and the studio has arrogantly claimed that this film can co-exist with their other franchises The Dark Knight and Superman: Man of Steel without tying into them with any continuity. Meaning, Christian Bale won't be playing Batman and Routh likely won't be playing Superman (although he expressed interest). The Flash feature has been put on hold and the Wonder Woman flick seems dead in the water. The movie is also being rushed for a 2009 release according to Entertainment Weekly.

What this all says to me is that we'll end up seeing some over-produced, no-name cast, mess of a film hacked together by focus group results and glossed over with shitty special effects.

I wonder if they'll just make this Smallville: the Movie.

I do have some faith in Miller (he did make Mad Max afterall) but I'm getting the impression that this is going to be out of his control as it careens wildly into the Warner Bros brick wall.

I feel like we've just seen it so many times before - budgets will balloon, the script will change under the studio's insecurity to make a decent special effects heavy ensemble film, and there will never be enough screen time for any of the superheroes.

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