Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hayden Panettiere and Heroes Returns TONIGHT!!

Haden Panettiere and Heroes return tonight at 9pm eastern time and I gotta say, despite the sometimes weak plots and filler episodes I'm pretty excited. The show has gotten so much better - if it wasn't for Hayden and Hiro I would have stopped watching after the first episode.

Ali Larter does a great job with her far out character as well - I'm surious as to where they are going with her. I thought she was headed for straight villiany but it seems they pulled back on that a bit.

Heroes Season 2 is also garunteed and creator Tim Kring has stated that there will be a whole new storyline and new characters next year. Some of the favorites will be back of course, but over all it will be very different.

Kring said in an interview. “Volume One comes to a conclusion at the end of episode 23, and Volume Two starts with the opening of season two. And Volume Two is a different story.”

Kring added: “We could have new people and new storylines and new ideas and new threats and new bad guys and new heroes. So I would prepare the audience for that idea, that it’s not just a continuing serialized storyline about only these people. It’s a little more the 24 model than the Lost model.” [source]

I'm glad the creators are not just going for a LOST rip-off and they are actually trying to do something different.

I do happen to hate the marketing for this show though... they pose one liner questions that they don't answer.. even in the episodes that promise the answers (like Save The Cheerleader, Save The World). So I wonder...

Will we finally get an answer to WHY saving this cheerleader would save the world?

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