Saturday, September 22, 2007

Movie Review: Resident Evil 3 - Extinction

Resident Evil 3 - Extinction
CS Rating: A Must if you liked RE1 and RE2

This series has always come in a bit shy of where it should be in my opinion. While it's fun to watch and for me, Milla killing zombies is always gonna be fun to watch -the Resident Evil movies always kinda fell flat. My guess is that they just lack the budget to really make these movies epic but as translations of a video game these really are some of the best.

Despite the western-style overhaul this 3rd installment fits right in with the other two. This time we find Alice out on her own, dodging the Umbrella Corporation riding through what has become a deserted wasteland of America. Umbrella is up to no good as they try to domesticate the infected and a travelling band of survivors travels the desert in a badass caravan led by Ali Larter (Heroes). The surreal tone of the first two is very present in this one as well.

Milla Jovavich - Resident Evil 3 The action is entertaining and the special effects are good enough. If you enjoyed the other two you'll certainly enjoy this one. It ties the storyline together and Milla Jovavich looks hot as ever. I think it's a great twist of fate that Milla has become an action movie star.

Ali Larter does a decent job and I recently read a rumor that she would headline the fourth Resident Evil installment. Resident Evil without Milla wouldn't work for me - Ali's character just isn't strong enough to carry a movie so I hope they ditch that idea. Leave it at a trilogy if Milla won't come back.

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