Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Movie Review: Balls of Fury

Balls of Fury posterBalls of Fury
CS Rating: Up there with Harold and Kumar

If you've seen the commercial, you've seen about 75% of the jokes in the movie and that's pretty lame. A lot of fellow reviewers felt as disappointed as I did but I didn't hate the movie. I still laughed. I've seen that commercial 100's of times and laughed everytime and the actual scenes were still funny... just wish I hadn't seen the commercial first. The 25% you haven't seen is just as funny if not funnier and if you can't wait for video, might not be a waste of money if you get a good group of friends to go with you.

The cast is fantastic and plays the stupidity well. This movie is stupid like Harold & Kumar was stupid but in that is the humor. It's got it's basic premise and it runs it into the wall. Randy Daytona (Dan Fogler) is enlisted by the FBI to help ensnare an organized crime lord (Walken) that runs underground deadly ping pong matches.

Randy, although once a master ping pong player as a kid is rusty and needs training. Enter Master Wong the blind teacher (James Hong) and his smoking hot niece Maggie Wong (Maggie Q). Wong and Wong train Randy in the typical training montage and somewhere -- it's not clear where -- Maggie Wong falls for Randy.

From there it's off the big game and I'll leave the rest unspoiled as some of the funniest stuff comes once the characters are at Feng's palace.

Christopher Walken is great as Feng, but when is Walken not just awesome to watch? He's very funny.

Sexy Maggie Q
Maggie Q sticks out like a sore thumb due to her stunning beauty and martial arts skills which come as a welcome surprise. You may have seen her in Die Hard 4 or Mission Impossible 3. She had wanted to try something out of character and this is certainly it, but thankfully she still gets to show off her... well everything. She's not nude - but she doesn't need to be.

The plot is weak but what do you expect from a ping pong movie called "Balls of Fury"? What you should expect is a pretty decent stoner comedy that I'm sure will warrent many a repeated viewings once added to any DVD collection. If you enjoy Reno 911, Dodgeball, Harold and Kumar - you'll enjoy this I think.

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