Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Movie Review: Superbad

CS Rating: See it now, then see it again

Don't you think it's time you go online to get your free credit report?! No it's not... it's time you go out and see Superbad if you haven't already.

The reason for this delayed review was that I just couldn't get it together to see the movie earlier. It was part timing and part not wanting to be disappointed since the movie got hyped quickly.

From the open sequence I was entertained well beyond the price of admission. The film starts with a great throwback to 70's intros with our main characters dancing in colored silohette while the credits role. From there Superbad is one laugh after another while our main characters do everything they can to try to make it to a girl's party with alcohol.

The plot is weak and there's some slow moments. I personally thought the subplot with the cops and a great character self-nicknamed McLovin was drawn out a little too long and it really gets frustrating watching these guys go through so much trouble to get laid. These are but minor quips.

The 3 main characters (played by Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse) have a great realism and play unique character types for the often worn-out teen comedy genre. The 3 girls the guys are trying to score with (played by Martha MacIsaac, Emma Stone, Aviva) are played with heart and are great to watch.

Superbad was written by Seth Rogen (star of Knocked Up) and Evan Goldberg whose next movie The Pineapple Express hits theaters next year. The real success with this script is in the heart the movie has. It's not trying to be just another teen movie and while most of it is played for laughs, the ending has real sense of accomplishment for the main characters (named Seth and Evan) and shows a bit of actual growth.

This is the movie all my friends wanted to make in college and it's great to see it's been #1 at the box office for two weeks running.

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