Monday, August 20, 2007

Movie Review: The Last Legion

The Last Legion
CS Rating: Not worth the cost of popcorn.

An Excalibur prequel of sorts, The Last Legion fails on almost every level. I think we'd all agree that the marketing campaign really didn't set up high hopes to begin with but I'm sure you really never expect a movie to be this bad. I mean alot of people came together to make this piece of crap, surely someone higher up must have had an hunch that this was just pure shite.

They should have pulled the plug long before the first reel was run through the camera.... although some of this movie looks like it was shot on video.

Battle scenes are layed out like a kindergarten production of Lord of the Rings and the dialouge is as bad if not worse than the prose on a Hallmark card.

Aishwarya Rai in The Last Legion Character motivations change on a whim, as needed per scene and as much as the movie thinks its clever in avoiding mention of Arthur, Merlin or Excalibur it still feels like a rip off of every King Arthur movie ever made. Someone even whispered "Run Away!" as the characters fled from some uninteresting looking extras in bad wigs.

Colin Firth phones in his performance as Aurelius, the roman guard charged with watching after the young Ceasar. Ben Kingsley seems to actually be trying to convey something through his bland lines and the film's
Scriptwriter 2000 scenes. The only actor that stood out and was enjoyable to watch was Bollywood's own Aishwarya Rai who did her best to stand out as the token mysterious woman warrior.

Movies like this are great in that they prove anyone can make a movie
and even get somewhat decent stars in it. The Weinstein Brothers seem to have lost their magic. There hasn't been a single hit that I can think of from them since they went out on their own.

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