Monday, February 4, 2008

Rambo IV: Movie Review

Rambo 4
Reviewed by Marti
CS Rating: Rambo the comic book hero!

Despite popular opinion, Rambo (the original movie) was a heartfelt, serious, tale of America's forgotten heroes from Vietnam. Like the Rocky films, they grew into something altogether larger and glossier. Some could argue the original message was lost.

Rambo 4, pits the ex Green Beret, John Rambo against the evil military of former Burma, to rescue a group of stranded Christian Missionaries.

Those hoping for a high body count won't be disappointed! Some of the action scenes are awesome, but it's hard to see how the kids will get into this one. Like Die Hard, it's a push to see someone this.....mature, kicking ass in an action movie.

What saves the movie, though is that this is no ordinary man, regardless of age. Like Die Hard, Rambo has moved into a cult legend that is ageless, this is comic book action hero stuff.
If the movie is viewed as a comic book and not taken seriously it works well. With Rambo, it's like an old friend who we've either stopped calling or lost contact with, or waiting for him to call. Whatever you think of him, he demands an opinion.

You can't help but feel the myth of the man come over on the screen. The mumbling dialogue, the scowl - the knives, arrows and guns.
But something else shines; the loneliness of Rambo is still there, the haunted shell of a man.

Unless you're a fan; or at least aware of the Rambo myth, the movie is a hard sell. Newcomers to this comic book like hero will struggle much like old John has for all these decades past.

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