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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Promo Images and Review

The Sarah Connor Chronicles PromoSarah Connor Chronicles PromoSarah Connor Chronicles PromoSarah Connor Chronicles Promo

Keep in mind that I haven't seen the official version of the pilot. Some things may have changed and while I plan on watching it soon - it's just not gonna happen this weekend. You, however can watch it online now, for free at My review is of the leaked pilot that made it's way to the Torrent sites months ago.

Overall, I enjoyed the pilot a lot more than I expected to. Lena Headey fills in Linda Hamilton's shoes perfectly and brings a fresh take to Sarah Connor. Summer Glau as the friendly female Terminator (Cameron) was a smart move. Anyone that's seen Serenity knows just how kick ass she is and she brings the ass-whooping well in this first episode.

Lena and Summer will make this show if the writing can sustain it.

Thomas Dekker as John Connor is OK... nothing too special but then again, this character has always been more of a prop than a real character. Edward Furlong annoyed me so much in Terminator 2 that ANYONE they casted is gonna do a better job in my eyes. It'll be interesting to see where they go with him as the series progresses.

My BIGGEST problem was with the Arnie replacement Terminator. Absolutely WEAK in every way. From the minute he appears on screen I was disappointed. He just doesn't have the presence I expected but then again, filling Arnold's shoes would have been hard for anyone.

I did like that they didn't do any major re-introductions, you know you're looking at a Terminator and there was no extra attention brought to it... like John saying something dumb to the effect of "Hey look, it's a terminator!". There's none of that. In fact from the second the pilot starts you know you're watching a Terminator related story. I felt that they nailed the tone perfectly.

There was an unexpected twist near the end that removes this show from the continuity of the films and that could be a good thing considering how most people disliked the third film. The producers of the show are ignoring Terminator 3. They consider it a different time line. I was unaware of this in my last SCC post yesterday. Time will tell if this is a wise move or not. I personally like the idea of breaking from the continuity of the films.

In the end this is a very promising show with a lot of potential - it's certainly added to my DVR list and we'll see how it develops. I think hard core fans of the movies may be disappointed but I welcome the fresh take on the Terminator series and seeing the story from a non-Arnold focused point of view is refreshing IMHO.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres on FOX Jan 13th 2008.
Check out the trailer here:

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