Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tim Kring Apologizes for Heroes: Save the Season, Save the World!

Tim Kring seems to do a lot of apologizng for his show. How about sticking to your guns, man?! Don't cave so easily! Stand up for your vision! Unless of course that vision is Heroes:Season 2 and then yeah, well I think an apology is overdue.

It's hard to count the ways that this season has just down right sucked. There are so many. Thankfully Entertainment Weekly does a good job at listing the big ones for us: the pacing is slow, the romances are weak, the newbie heroes feel like they are from a different show, and well everything is just all over the place.

I personally can't get into the storylines this year. Virus? It's been done so many times... how is this going to trump a nuclear explosion in NYC? I think the real danger is that New York has been overrun with terrible plotlines. Let's see the heroes save us from that!

There's the weak 'Hiro in ancient Japan with a British Samuari' storyline, the cheeseball romances that even Kring admits are lame and was Peter REALLY caputured by a bunch of Irish iPod thieves?!

According to EW's article, things are on the up. So we'll see - I'll stick it out... hell, there's not much else on Monday nights and LOST may not come back until for over a year with this strike.

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